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Elahe Rahroniya is an Iranian writer, poet, critic, actress, filmmaker and political activist. Her texts, films and art projects are severely critical towards the regime in her home country. In 2010, following surveillance, threats and harsh interrogations, Elahe fled to Malaysia in fear of reprisals.

Rahroniya has published two collections of poetry, a novel, a short story collection and a number of critical essays in Iran and in exile, as well as 14 books, 2 films and numerous other art works that have been censored in Iran. Her first collection of poems Leilaobali was published in 2001 in Tehran, followed by her first novel The King of Yellow Rose Or The Serpent King, published in 2007 by the Markaz Publishing House. Her second collection of poems The Sale Advertisement of Turkmen Horse was published in 2010, and her first poem-story collection ‘The non-union versified lovehood’ an art book with seven poem- stories and eight paintings was published in  London by the  Mehri publisher in 2019. In addition she has worked with several music Composers as the lyrics writer. She also has been 2nd runner-up of the 2021 Catalan poets in exile award in Spain.

Rahroniya has a BA in English Translation and a degree in interior design and Norwegian language . Apart from her other education in theater acting, painting, filmmaking and photography. Beside her prolific literary production, she has been working with conceptual art projects,films, photography installations, illustrations of her own books and has been strongly and politically active against Islamic regime.

Her last project made secretly in Iran was Synthesis in Trash Bin, a fusion of documentary and artistic film filled with symbolic references  that got her deeply into trouble with the government. After 2 months of Interrogations and a suspended sentence of four years in prison and heavy fines she left Iran for the last time and arrived in Stavanger City of Refuge in Norway as a guest writer in 2013. Now she lives in Norway and continues writing and making art in Norwegian and English in addition to her mother tongue Persian.

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