My Word

Stop making money through the weapons trade! It’s the profit made from blood that can spill your own childrens blood in the end. Without the arms trade, there can be no large-scale war, many fewer refugees and much less terrorism.

Remember that ES, Al-Qaida, the Taliban, and many others, wouldn’t have weapons without your production.

To stop a new world war, it’s the only way. Wake up before it is too late.

Today, we in Europe and Scandinavian countries, have to face a stream of refugees. It’s very naive to think that the problem is just about shelter and immediate help. It’s about hearts full of pain, hate and anger, like fire smoldering under the ash. I suggest that we don’t need to give them homes, just stop destroying their homes. We are in trouble and this becomes bigger, spreading like a cancer. Those who just stay silent are no different from those who create war.

Yes it’s so complicated. Dark masters are so strong and international politics is a heavy, thick and rusty chain – yes it is! But Globalization has put this chain, and all the world hanged on it, in dire peril today. We can’t say, “It’s none of my business” as before. The results of every action we take rebounds directly upon us all. Even if we pretend that we don’t care, we actually have to, because we are all in dire trouble.

September 11 attacks ,charlie hebdo, Paris, gays in Orlando, Dallas, Nice, what’s the next? When and where this wave of terror is going to be finished?Is it able to be finished?

The first step is to make strict rules to control the arm trade. It seems that there are more rules which control trading of banana, than the rules which control arm trade!

I remember when I was 8 years old, I asked my mother: “Why doesn’t God stop the war between Iran and Iraq? You say she is so strong that she can do whatever she wants.” I imagined God like my grand-mother. She was the strongest woman I had ever seen. She could kill a goat in three seconds, and gave me New Year gifts. She was brutal, but kind. Just like God. My mother tried to convince me that war is a part of life; something I never could accept. I think it’s exactly what the dark masters in our world want us to believe. Our world becomes more and more ugly and unsafe every day and their pockets become fuller. We watch violent films and our children play killing games, as if it’s natural to be predators. No, war is not a part of life. Let’s forget this stupid concept. Let’s mock it. Let’s make fun of it. We can be angry at each other, can disagree, and can even hate some of each other’s ideas. Of course it’s impossible to respect every point of view, but not hate a person and not kill others to make money! It is not a big difference between killing people directly and, making weapons that kill them. Weapon have only one use – killing!

Every day the USA, Russia, China, EU, UK, Israel, and Scandinavian countries produce a huge number of weapons, sell them, and pretend nothing is wrong. But who buys them?

Saudi Arabia is top of the list of weapon recipient countries, the land that supports several terrorist groups and threatens neighboring countries. War continues and nobody cares about the people.

But in fact it doesn’t make a big difference who buys weapons, because if for example Norway sells weapon to the countries that are not involved in a war, these countries can sell them to another. Weapons are made for killing; they are not like knifes that have different uses.

I asked my history teacher when I was 12: “Why do we call the biggest war makers of history “the Great”? Alexander the Great; Great Darius, Great Genghis Khan and Napoleon the Great and Great Britain. Poor Hitler just became the bad guy in this strange game!” She never answered.

It was so comic, when the first and last user of the nuclear bomb spoke about stopping other countries having nuclear knowledge – especially the countries that don’t even have a weapons industry! I called it the funniest joke of history and funnier still is the UN, which does a great job with the right of veto kept for the biggest exporters of weapons.

The Norwegian Government pays milliards to protect rain forests, stops digging for oil to avoid destroying our environment, but doesn’t see that hate, terrorism, crime and murder make our environment more polluted. Politicians smile, put a peaceful mask on their faces, cry for victims, and deceive themselves and us. They are just happy with the money, which comes to their bank accounts, more and more, the money of blood. Just Google it!

Not long ago farmers worked and landowners ate.  Farmers were starving and owners were almost exploding from eating so much food. Then the rebels rose up, many heads were gashed, and a bloodbath in the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood ensued and all this just to have a better world.

Today some people are slaughtered so that others achieve sustainable development, And then the victims are expected to show smiley peaceful masks to those who destroyed their homes and lands and become humiliated. They have to wear their persecutors’ used clothes and be happy for taking their charity, as if it hadn’t been our bombs, which had come down on their heads!

Before quarreling was about bread; now it’s about life.

Remember that not too long ago slaveholding was a part of life, women didn’t have voting rights and human rights didn’t exist. A world without war can become a reality. The only thing I ask you to do is just start thinking. And then, some one should be pioneer to this great change, why not Norway?







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