I started with painting, continued with literature, progressed with architecture and theater, calmed down with dancing and ended up with conceptual art. Limitation pushed me to try different ways to open new doors, but all I did was something to help my writing progress. My acting, my films, my photos, glasswork, and my installations, all were facilities to visualize my texts. In the other word, what I exactly did, was making my writing visual, to escape censorship, to access other languages. The main concept approximately in all my works is human rights and especially fighting against war makers.

…The most specific feature in my poems, Stories and poem-stories is Surrealism, and metaphors come from tiny, daily details in real life. I want the words from every color, every ethnic, and every culture and caste.
In my poetry, even the wild words can have the visa to enter my kingdom. They should just respect my rules.
In Liquid poem, there is no limitation for words. every word can be poetic, provided that be used in the right place. Liquid poem is like a bucket of flowers containing wild and green house flowers all together. I will design them based on color and form…

”What I am doing these days is acting poetry, we can call it Poem-Theatre I try to act a poem first based on theatre, second on dance…” Here you can read short about what I have done during my art life:

Born in 1977, Rey,Tehran, Iran

Writer, Theater and dansing Performer, Conceptual artist, Designer

Academic education

English translation BA, Azad University of Tehran, 2000

lnterior design emblem, Tehran University (The Faculty of Fine Arts), 2005




Theatre acting,


Glass design

Published books

‘Leilaobali’ (first poem collection), Tehran, Paya publishers, 2001

‘The king of yellow rose’ (first novel), Teheran, Markaz publishers, 2007

‘The sale advertisement of Turkmen horse’ (second poem collection), Tehran, Sabz publisher 2010

Unpublished books (forbidden)

‘Conquest of paradise’ a novel

‘Mr. Spiderson’s quarrel’ a poem-novel

‘Godzilla in the margin of history’ a book-length poem

‘Tao Te Ching’ by Lao Detezo, translated from English to pure Persian

‘Uncle-dad’ a novel

‘The non-united lang Poem of lovehood’ poem- story collection

‘A shark who became a human’ a short novel

‘ The wedding of me and the world’ a book-length poem

’ The romantic letters of me and the world’ poem collection


‘The soap’

‘The destiny of a wasp who lost his Gillette’

‘The balance of Sohrab and Mrs. Reason, on the red Line’

‘The insomnia of stranger beloved of Matthew the Apostle, on the tap of

the bean stalk’

‘Making love with Godzilla, in the wandered Equatorial rain’

Also several unpublished children books.

Theoretical essays

‘The manifesta of Liquid poetry’ 2010 (In addition to theoretical debate)

‘Stream of text’ (Theoretical introduction of Conquest of paradise novel)

Published critical essays

‘The lnfectionation’ (On The Metamorphosis, a novel by Franz Kafka) Germany

‘The pen’s hand upper than the hands of image’ (On Mrs. Dalloway, a novel by Virginia Woolf) England

‘The dim museum’ (On The Waves, a novel by Virginia Woolf) England

‘The brine in Sicily, the distilled water in Vatican’ (On The edge of precipice, a novel by Grazia Deledda) ltaly

‘The mayor dripped, drap by drap, waiting for Barbarians’ (On Waiting for the Barbarians,
a novel by J. M. Coetzee) South Africa

‘Smile bums kebab’ (On Dreaming of Babylon, a novel by Richard Brautigan) America

‘This black frame glass!'(On The Blind owl, a novel by Sadegh Hedayat) Iran

‘lt’s me always in trouble’ (On Detective story, a novel by lmre Kertesz) Hungary

‘The criminal’ (On The Fifth child, a novel by Doris Lessing) England

‘For occasion of home-blind, death-blind and fair-blind'(on The Blindness, a novel by Jose Saramago) Portugal

‘From Rosy to Samsara’ (on The Guide, a novel by R. K. Narayan) India

‘The patient in Coma is chained’ (on Anne Sexton’s poem selection) England


Kapittel international art festival 2013 Stavanger Norway(Reading poem)

Kapittel international art festival 2014 Stavanger Norway ( performing Godzilla poem-theater))

Lillehammer literature festival 2016 Lillehammer Norway (Reading poem, cooperation with Tove Bakke as translator)

Heidalen art festival 2016(Reading poem, cooperation with Tove Bakke as translator)

Dei nynorske festspela 2017 ( performing Godzilla poem-theater)

Olso literature festival 2018 ( Reading poem)

Lillehammer literature festival 2018 ( Reading poem)

Beethoven music festival 2018 with Den Norske Theater ( Dansing-Reading poem)

Conceptual art

‘The Birth’ Poem -Theater, performed in Stavanger culture house( Sølvberget) 2013 Stavanger Norway

‘Anti war’ Poem-Theater, performed in Copenhagen Friby seminar 2013 Denmark

‘Godzilla in the margin of history’ Poem- Theater, performed in Kapittel international art festival 2014 Stavanger Norway

‘Godzilla in the margin of history’video art, showed in Heidalen Art festival 2016 Norwey


‘Synthesis in trash bin’

’13’ (pre/produced)

‘Mock the war’ (pre/produced)

Other Activities

Establishing of ‘Haroog’ Design Company as interior designer and decorator, 2005-2008 Handmade glass exhibition, Tehran, 2005

Handmade furniture exhibition, Tehran, 2006